Please watch our website and social media for our green, yellow, and red class indicators.  If the indicator is yellow, please check your email for class modifications.  If the indicator is red, stay home and take online classes.

Re Opening Guidelines

Wellness checks for staff

  • Frequent hand hygiene

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures

  • Minimizing mixing and mingling via social distancing practices

  • Curricular and facility adjustments

  • Gradual re-opening and continuous parent communications

  • Please see below for the specific way EDS is applying these guidelines for their Classes.

Date: 3/17/20

To My Elite Family

Elite Dance Studio is a family and our family will remain strong. My commitment to my faculty is a very important priority in my mission as a small business owner.

Elite is still up and running just up in the VIRTUAL WORLD 
We have to adjust to our new reality for now. Let’s keep a new normal. Our teachers are showing up LIVE ONLINE. You need to check your emails to get the code to the classes. Each class, day and time will have a different code.

Our students are going through a tumultuous time. With all the information at their fingertips, they are nervous and scared. Something no child should ever feel. My commitment to our students is to ease their fears and make sure that during this time they are moving, smiling, and being kids.

We want our families to know we are doing everything in our power to keep providing you with the services you know and appreciate from us plus more. We are so grateful for your words of encouragement and belief in the studio. I appreciate your support, commitment and patience in this rapidly evolving situation. I am trying to navigate these new waters myself. I am working as quickly as I can to provide my staff and our dance families with the best I can given the circumstances.

Last, I know many of you are small business owners as well. I am here for you and will provide you with as much support as I can. It is so important that now, more than ever, we continue to support our local small businesses. We are all in this together.



  • Our temporary suspension of classes will begin effective immediately Monday, March 16, 2020

  • Our employees will follow the schools in shifting their attention from traditional content delivery to online engagement opportunities for students. 

  • We will also continue to follow the lead of the NY State Health Department Suffolk County Health Department as to when it is safe for local schools to re-open for classes.


  • We have been in continuous communication with West Babylon High School in regard to our scheduled recital on June 20th.  As of now the RECITAL IS STILL ON.   Should something change with the school and it becomes necessary to cancel, I will inform everyone immediately of an alternative date. I'm remaining positive for now that will not happen. 


  • The two March competitions are the only competitions so far that have cancelled on us to date. KAR and RAINBOW are awaiting rescheduling dates. Fortunately we do not have any other competitions until May.  Hopefully by then we will be back on track.  

In closing, while there are many uncertainties in this time, here are a couple of things I DO know for certain from 30 years of teaching <3. 

The kids are watching how the adults they trust are handling this situation. <3 

They are taking cues from us as to how to process the entire situation. History is playing out before their eyes. Little ones are going to need extra assurance, time and familiar things. It's also worth noting that kids who are of the age of having a cell phone are not only hearing updates from schools, national networks, and home but they are also getting a 24/7 info-feed from on social platforms like Snapshot and TikTok. Teens may act like they are okay, but check in with them anyway...You might not think they are listening, but they are.<3 

I do believe we will all get through this. I am forever grateful for your trust and support during this very challenging time.  


Marie Seaquist