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My name is Marie Seaquist and I am the founder of Elite Dance Studio Inc . I started this dance studio on a simple principle that we have stayed TRUE to over the last 18 years–we are "More Than Just Great Dancing!®".

So what does that mean? It means that at a baseline we provide EXCELLENCE in dance education. I am a National Competition Dance Judge, and I go across the country helping dancers fine tune their artistry.  As a member of More than Just Great Dancing, it gives me the opportunity to grow with other educators and leaders. This is the nation's only safety certifying organization for dance teachers. Our teachers are qualified and certified! And, our PROVEN curriculum has inspired CONFIDENCE in thousands of students; placing students on every local dance team, and countless college programs.

HOWEVER, we are MORE Than Just Great Dancing!® At Elite, dance has lasting value because dance lessons are LIFE LESSONS. Dance meets imperative needs for social-emotional skills, mental well-being, and physical health and provides quality friendships and role models. And, THAT is the greatest investment a parent could make in their child. I don't only share that as a dance teacher but as a mom of two  myself.

At Elite, dance becomes a FAMILY and the dance studio becomes a second HOME for kids during their developmental years. When you join Elite Dance Studio, you are making an investment in your child's future! 

Welcome to Elite Dance Studio.


Miss Marie

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