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No doubt, dance talents abound in New York. That's not surprising. NY is steeped in rich dance culture. It's the home of Broadway too. If you have kids aspiring to become great dancers in Babylon, what better way to take dance classes Babylon learning at the experienced feet of world-class dance instructors? 


Our dance classes are structured for students to explore all the aspects of dance, from creativity to coordination, poise, creativity, grace, and more. Yes, Elite Dance Studio teaches great dancing. And more. 


At Elite, children aged two and above get to strengthen their emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing, develop quality friendships, and find role models in others and themselves. 


We teach dedication. We teach leadership. We teach teamwork. And we teach them to be great. That's expected. After all, we are More Than Just Great Dancing. For your dance classes Babylon, you get nothing less. 


For dance class Babylon, we want your children to see dance beyond the art. We train them to find their voice through dancing. At the same time, we encourage them to have fun while finding their feet in the dancing world. 


Dance Classes Babylon, NY

From introducing basic skills to your kids to teaching them advanced techniques, our dancing classes Babylon enables students explore the exhilarating world of dancing. With several dance classes focusing on teaching different terrific dancing skills to your kids, there's something for all of them. 


From age 3 to 4, your little one learns the rudiments of music, movement, balance, and dance steps in Prince/Princesses Ballet/Tap and Hip Hop & Tumble classes, all while having fun. Teachers also introduce them to different terminologies. 


In Jazz & Tap combo class, children aged 5-6 and 7-9 learn jazz and tap skills, focusing on technique, flexibility, and strength of jazz, while incorporating special shoes with metal taps to create rhythmic patterns and beats. 


Other dance classes Babylon includes Acro, Hip Hop & Acro, Hip Hop, Ballet, Boyz, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Terrific Two's for 2-year olds!


Private Lessons

Your child can't attend general classes for some reason or want to develop a particular evasive technique? Or maybe you and your group of friends are looking to take your dancing skills up a notch? No worries! With our private dance classes Babylon, you can now get one-on-one professional dance instructions. 


At a time of your choosing, one of our instructors will instill dance techniques and skills, all custom-designed to suit you or your child's needs. 


Fall 2021 - 2022 Dance Classes 

We're glad to announce the opening of our fall dance classes Babylon that'll hold from September 7th - June 14th! 



With classes for various age groups, you and your children can learn and master the techniques of various dance types, from ballet to breakdancing, while developing other skills too. We Are More Than Just Great Dancing! Dance classes Babylon can't get any better! 


Don’t just learn dancing. Live dancing - the elite way? Begin your journey here

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