Recital Reimagined 2020

We will be offering two opportunities for families to reimagine recital and to showcase the accomplishments of our ALL of our students.

A Virtual Recital Week:

Online during the last week of classes, June 13th - June 19th. 
Fix your hair, wear your costumes! Bring the family, pets, and stuffies! Facetime grandparents so they can see the fun! No sign up necessary. Just come to class in your costume. We'll do the rest! We will email you a "backdrop" pic if you would like to use it as your zoom background for the week.


The Red Carpet Recital Experience : - In Person at the studio

The Red-Carpet Recital Experience where every child is the STAR of the show at the studio, Dat TBD when it's Safe at Dance.

One child + up to 3 guests 
Step 1: Arrival Experie
Step 2: Photo Experience
Step 3: Stage Experience
Step 4: Celebration Experience